It’s funny how the smallest thought can make the largest impact 

How the tiniest word can change someone’s day 

How the most minuscule gesture can break a soul 

Yet we don’t seem to think before we act

We don’t fully grasp the total power at our fingertips

We don’t think how much what we do affects our environment 

From smiling at someone as we walk down the street

To sitting next to someone alone, in silence, but together 

At times I feel like the human psyche is out for revenge 

Like no matter what we do we always go left 

Never completely seeing how our actions impact the world 

They didn’t see how their text saved someone’s life

They didn’t see how every time that person listened to that song, they couldn’t help but think 

sad thoughts 

They didn’t see how reaching out their hand made someone’s day 

In the end, we all step upon the earth 

But only a few look back to see their footprint

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