I have come to a standstill

I am being pushed and pulled

With no side gaining

just, still.

I have turned against myself

Trying to help one side win

Never thinking about myself

About consequences

Slowly I have pushed myself away

Although still standing

I am only a shell

My spirit has flown away

No longer capable of wanting

Only allowed to look forward

With my hollowness

My darkness inside has grown

Slowly encapsulating my body

And yet no one has seen that my lights have flickered

No one has seen my passion fade

Maybe it is because we have all become hollow

No longer allowed to look around

But forward

Only going for what we have been told

Because there is no longer a voice inside to tell us otherwise


I love you.

It is hard for me to write

When I think of you I just seem to go blank

Not because of the lack of words

But because there are too many to describe your beauty

You’re beauty not only expressed through your outward actions

But seen through the love and care you give to me and to those around you

I can truly say you taught me to love

From the foundation of who I was to the complete woman I am now

You have built me brick by brick

Shown me that what I see in the mirror isn’t all I am or will be

I love you for your side comments

For the moments we act like complete idiots

For the times you hold me in silence and I know that I am truly happy

There may be times where our love has been tested

Where I have lost sight

But just like any foggy pair of glasses

I wiped away the steam and there you are


Just waiting.

And I know that

I am going to love you

And love you completely

With not only my heart

But with my whole self



The static feeling of loneliness 

Being surrounded 

People everywhere

And yet 

I am trapped 

It’s as if I am just a shell 


I am screaming



Trying to escape

I can’t. 

My emptiness walks by everyone 

No one can notice 

No one can hear 

As if I am muzzled 

Left to scream but the only one who can hear, 

Is me. 



It’s funny how the smallest thought can make the largest impact 

How the tiniest word can change someone’s day 

How the most minuscule gesture can break a soul 

Yet we don’t seem to think before we act

We don’t fully grasp the total power at our fingertips

We don’t think how much what we do affects our environment 

From smiling at someone as we walk down the street

To sitting next to someone alone, in silence, but together 

At times I feel like the human psyche is out for revenge 

Like no matter what we do we always go left 

Never completely seeing how our actions impact the world 

They didn’t see how their text saved someone’s life

They didn’t see how every time that person listened to that song, they couldn’t help but think 

sad thoughts 

They didn’t see how reaching out their hand made someone’s day 

In the end, we all step upon the earth 

But only a few look back to see their footprint


Too much.

I am at loss for words
There’s too much to say 

And there’s too little meaning to my words at this point 
I am stupid for ever thinking this could be okay 

For thinking that I could play an acting role in my own life 

To make it seem like I was perfectly fine 
But I’m not 

I care 

About every word, every letter, every breath that comes out of your mouth 

And I cannot seem to find the reason
Maybe I’ve been broken by those who came before 

Maybe I thought it was the same 

That caring didn’t matter to anyone else but me 

That caring gave too much effort to a cause that was not returned 
I guess I was wrong 

It was too late 

How funny it is

Too little and too much 

Nothing is enough.